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Advocates of Kerala

There are more than 45,000 advocates in Kerala ernrolled under Bar Council of Kerala. Most of them are members of any of the Bar Associations which are 84 in numbers. In this online directory, advocates are categorized based on the Bar Associations and district wise. However, we regret to say that we could not include all the Bar Associations and their member advocates. The process of collecting information is going on and in near future it will become a comprehensive online directory of Kerala advocates.

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    Online Directory for Kerala

  • The purpose of this online directory is to help general public to find out advocates online. All information about the advocates listed in the directory are taken from printed directories at various times and handwritten forms collected from various bar associations across Kerala state and hence the authenticity and accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed.

    The information such as phone numbers, email id, address etc. might have been changed or incorrectly displayed by mistake. Also please be aware that many of advocates might have been expired, abandoned practice or elevated to some other posts.

    Although we have made our best effort to keep all information correct and updated, errors might have been occurred by mistake. So we are not responsible for any inaccurate\ obsolete\ erroneous information crept in this directory and any consequences regarding this. Requesting all advocates to contact us for corrections, updates and removal of any personal data.

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